Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern the use of http://falconmagazine.it/.

To be aware that the use of the following services implies the acceptance of the following agreement, please follow the terms and conditions below. FALCON has exclusive rights to the services made available to you.
Terms and conditions may be amended at a later date. Acceptance is expected for the most recent version. Failure to adhere to the following points may result in termination of access to the site.

Some FALCON Magazine services require registration with the user’s active and real personal data, which are treated according to the privacy policy. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your data. The services may be used for personal use only, and may not be used for any other commercial purpose. FALCON Magazine is not responsible for any breach of security obligations.

Any data provided must be kept. If the data ends up with a third party, FALCON will terminate the access.

In the event that account deletion is requested, content posted will be online without being attributed to the profile unless deletion is requested. Those under the age of 14 do not have access to these services. Those who are between the ages of 14 and 16 may access services with parental or guardian consent or supervision.

You promise not to use inappropriate or inappropriate language when using the site. It undertakes not to publish illegitimate content and to use the site exclusively for lawful purposes. It is strictly forbidden to publish pornographic material of an obscene or offensive nature, material containing viruses; private rights of third parties, texts protected by copyright, content collected by the services and re-published. You agree not to interfere in any way with Falcon’s software and service servers, and you promise not to attempt to access Falcon’s servers. You acknowledge that Falcon does not endorse the content of sites linked to the services. Falcon has the ability to terminate your access at any time and to collect your data for purposes of justice, to protect your security rights, to defend against actions by third parties. Falcon has no responsibility for the actions reported by the user. The user is aware that the publication of content granted by them may result in the modification or transmission of such content by third parties. You have the right to terminate this contract at any time by informing Falcon Magazine on contact@falconmagazine.it.

Falcon has the right to monitor and modify your use of the sites in order to control the content you post. Violation of these services presented in the contract will result in deletion from the site and the inability to access by the user. For any unlawful conduct, Falcon will not be liable.

The user is fully responsible for the actions performed within the site, releasing Falcon from any kind of responsibility in this area. The sending of data by the user authorizes their publication on the sites. Violation of any of Falcon’s proprietary rights may result in termination or cancellation of your access.

Falcon has the ability to review published content and possibly delete it if inappropriate, without having any responsibility for the publication.

The user, in the event of a claim against third parties, undertakes to keep the Falcon Group out of this.

The services of the sites that you can access have no guarantee. Falcon is not responsible for what the services offer the user, any errors or damage to computer systems and data contained therein. Therefore, the user waives all claims against Falcon.

The user will have the ability to create a blog or access others’ blogs. Falcon will always have the ability to access it to check its contents. Some blogs will only be accessible to users of legal age.

The user has the right to place banners, ads and various advertisements within the Falcon blog, taking responsibility for what is added. Falcon has the right to delete content at any time if it is defamatory or inappropriate.

Falcon sites may be linked to other sites operated by third parties. Falcon will have no liability in this regard.

Falcon requires you to agree to certain conditions in certain clearly identifiable services.

The contract is made under Italian law, agreeing to the use of the service by users, removal, indemnity, limitation of liability, blogs and applicable laws and Jurisdiction. Any dispute will be referred to the Court of Milan.