Privacy Policy


Access to the FALCON SHOP platform is necessary to use the service referred to in the “partner contract.” Login information such as username and password are entirely personal so please remember to keep them safe and in case of loss or theft to notify us immediately so we can replace them and prevent unauthorized access.

All data that partners enter is processed with the sole purpose of carrying out marketing and advertising activities for the partner and for the bi-weekly report.

Under current regulations, those who process personal data are required to inform the direct subject.

If after reading this policy you have any other concerns please contact us at contact@falconmagazine.it .

  1. Data controller

FALCON processes your data as a provider.

  1. Purpose of processing

Your brand can be used for marketing activities to give you greater visibility. This can also be done through search engine optimization with keywords or branding, but also with links to sales channels or your menu shown in the results. You authorize us to send advertising, surveys and market research about your products via email or other shared media, unless otherwise agreed.

  1. Type of data and its provision

By signing up for the platform, you voluntarily surrender your consent to the data. Mandatory registration data such as user name, password, first name, last name, email address, company are necessary for the operation of the service. The rest of the data are optional.

  1. Cookies management

The platform uses technical cookies as they are necessary for its proper and secure operation, or third-party cookies in case external integrations are used. Disabled or deleted cookies compromise the functionality of the service regarding session access. Login data are not disseminated, but may be disclosed only to you. All data are processed exclusively by FALCON, for the mentioned purposes according to the principles of privacy protection and respect.

  1. Method of treatment

Data are processed according to the purposes conferred regarding the services requested, at our headquarters and our appointed staff. For tasks of a different nature they may be processed by a selected external party who is required to maintain confidentiality. We do not disseminate data regarding sales made, but we may report them through the Bi-weekly Statement for proper accounting management.

  1. Security measures

To protect personal data, we have adopted technological and organizational security measures that are constantly updated and monitored.

  1. Rights of the data subject

Owners of personal data have the right to be informed of the processing methods and purposes. But they also have the right to erasure, anonymization, and on any update regarding their data. The right to object is allowed only for legitimate reasons otherwise it will be refused. If unfounded allegations are reported, a sanction will be used.

8. Defense in court

In the event that a lawsuit arises regarding abuse against FALCON or clients, we may be obligated to disclose inherent personal data.

9. Information not contained in this policy

If requested FALCON will provide you with additional information to this Privacy Policy regarding other services.

10. System logs and maintenance

The user’s personal data may be recorded by FALCON and the services we use, for the operation and maintenance of the platform.

11. Changes to this privacy policy

FALCON, as the owner has the right to change this Privacy Policy, so the Partner is required to visit this page often referring to the latest modification date. If regulations regarding consent are changed, FALCON will require it again.

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That I have read and received the information for the processing of personal data, in accordance with art 13 of the European Regulation no. 2016/679 – “GDPR”.

the undersigned ____________________________________ in light of the information received on ____________________ :

◻expressing consent

◻I do not express consent to the processing of my personal data including those considered as special categories of data.

◻expressing consent

◻ I do NOT express my consent to the disclosure of my personal information to internal and external study collaborators, public offices, and companies of a private nature for the purposes outlined in the notice.

◻expressing consent

◻ I do NOT express my consent to the processing of the special categories of my personal data as outlined in the above information.


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