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Falcon Magazine is a platform that collects fashion, beauty and art-related works by creatives from all over the world.

Our goal is to help talents reaching a large audience by publishing their content on our website and social networks.

For more info read the Guidelines of the magazine.

We are a digital magazine, with online contents updated everyday. We publish the print version annually, that you can find in our events and shipped on request. Articles can be viewed on the website in the blog section (http://falconmagazine.it/) and on social channels @falcon.magazine @falcon.industry

We are a fashion and beauty magazine and we accept photographs, videos, illustrations and more.

We are also constantly looking for creatives such as fashion writers, bloggers, vloggers etc. to contribute on our magazine!

To submit your works you must fill out the form on our website or in our Instagram bio.

At the moment, for single photos, we also accept photos published only on your Instagram profile via tag or hashtag: #falconmagazine

Trying to be reposted/published in our stories is the fastest way to get noticed by our editors; you can do it by tagging @falcon.magazine and using #falconmagazine hashtag in your posts/stories, it is an easy way for us to see your mentions in our notifications, allowing us to repost you quickly!

We are only choosing photos of which at least one has been published on your Instagram account by tagging us, use #falconmagazine as the only hashtag under your Insta photos and tag our profile @falcon.magazine under your pics.

The pictures we post on our Instagram feed usually come from complete and high-level editorials, plus only the contents that best represent the magazine’s aesthetics are chosen. On stories we give visibility to multiple projects, even of different kinds or sectors.

We will insert the tags that are communicated to us, if you are part of the team and you have not been tagged, write us in DM to be added.

If the purposes are editorial yes, in case you want to market something contact us at: marketing@falconmagazine.it

Yes, we accept both female and male editorials.

The creators own the copyright of the photos. When a photo is accepted for publication, the photographer declares that Falcon Magazine will be able to use the material in every publication and in any type of format (video, social media, website, advertising and any other mediums or formats used).

No. The Falcon magazine network and the subsmission section are two separate things. If you want to keep a low profile on the web, you don’t have to share your work publicly. However, having a portfolio approved by us can raise your chances to be published.

Yes! Falcon is for all artists, not just photographers, anyone is welcome to join.

Yes, you can submit it, it will be your responsibility to ask for the owner’s authorization.

A team of young creatives and experts in the sector.

Show us something exceptional and exclusive! If we think your cover works, it will be done!

We have different emails for different purposes:

contact@falconmagazine.it : for general inquiries and questions

jobs@falconmagazine.it : contact us here for job inquiries and applications, remember to attach your Portfolio and CV

marketing@falconmagazine.it : the right address to send Marketing and collaboration proposals

club@falconmagazine.it : for inquiries related to PR e Event Managing services

simone@falconmagazine.it : Founder and Creative Business Marketing

giusy@falconmagazine.it : Graphic Design and Art Direction

We collaborate with creatives, photography, fashion and communication agencies, other magazines and many other realities outside the world of fashion such as the world of tattoos, clubs, design, lifestyle, universities and academies.

If you have a product or service that you wish to advertise on Falcon Magazine, please contact us at: marketing@falconmagazine.it

When you make a submission or register on our site you will be asked to enter data: Name, Surname, Address, email etc. to help us make your experience on our platform as pleasant as possible.

We collect your data when you submit a submission, subscribe to the newsletter or enter any type of personal information on our site.

We collect information to:

  • Improve the platform so that we can guarantee a better service to the user.
  • Manage the material that is proposed to us
  • Send emails that may be of interest to our users.

Our site is constantly updated to avoid flaws in our security and protect the data of our users. The use of antivirus allows the data in our database to be protected as well as the privacy of our users.

The platform may contain advertisements or sponsorships of third party products and / or services.

The third parties have privacy and data management policies external to those of Falcon magazine, the platform therefore is not held responsible for theft and / or exchanges and / or sale of data carried out by third parties.

We collect user emails for the following purposes:

  • Sending specific information, requests, answers or surveys.
  • Processing the content of the submissions and send related information to the owners of the material sent.
  • Promotional emails.

Our users are committed to:

  • NOT TO USE fake names or fake email addresses.

Users can unsubscribe from the Falcon Magazine newsletter anytime, doing so by clicking on the Unsubscribe button in the body of the email and following the relevant instructions or by contacting us directly.

For any questions about our security policy you can write to us.