Code of Ethics




Falcon Magazine, which has always placed the protection of creativity at the center of its mission, helping new artists to emerge and assert themselves, has decided to stipulate the following Code of Ethics. In particular, Falcon Magazine wishes to base the conduct of its work by pursuing strong principles, which demonstrate its moral commitment and integrity. The will of Falcon Magazine is to consolidate the relationship of trust that it has established with its customers. Integrity is part of the cultural nature of Falcon Magazine which has adopted a conduct perfectly compliant with the laws and regulations in force in Italy. The Code of Ethics can be defined as the “Constitutional Charter” that Falcon Magazine wants to voluntarily make public, to explain the moral rights and duties that constitute it. Furthermore, Falcon Magazine has drawn up this text with the aim of protecting its users and customers from any irresponsible or illegal behavior by those who work in the name and / or on their behalf. Falcon Magazine, therefore, assumes full responsibility for supervising and ensuring that: every action and work activity takes place in complete ethical-social respect of the user / customer and the digital magazine itself. Ultimately, this Code of Ethics is a means that will allow to guarantee a fair and effective management of transactions and human relations, supporting the reputation of Falcon Magazine.


Therefore, the Code of Ethics of Falcon Magazine has the aim of following the fundamental principles that frame and guide the daily actions of the people who work or visit the site. The Code aims to create a context suitable for anyone who comes into contact with the group, both for professional activities and for interaction with customers and commercial partners. It defines, step by step, Falcon Magazine’s commitment to creating a solid and peaceful working environment. Falcon Magazine is an independent group attentive to social issues, applying itself to these circumstances with commitment and responsibility. The Code of Ethics will always be updated, if state and European regulations require it, to give the opportunity to redefine what shapes the profound ethical approach. Today Falcon Magazine is well aware of operating in a varied context from an institutional, social and cultural point of view, given the continuous mutations and evolutions. All the activities carried out by Falcon Magazine take concrete form in compliance and observance of the law, making fair competition to continue his work with integrity. Falcon Magazine expresses its good faith, respecting the legitimate interests of customers and business partners with whom it relates. For this reason, Falcon hopes that he will never have to be in a position to engage in illegal behavior and against the principles of the Code of Ethics itself, since they will not be justified in any way. Although not binding, Falcon Magazine has decided to comply with Legislative Decree 231 of June 8, 2001, also as regards the proper functioning, reliability and reputation, summarizing in these points the principles and purposes underlying its Ethical code:

  • equity and equality;
  • transparency;
  • honesty;
  • diligence;
  • impartiality;
  • confidentiality;
  • protection of the person;
  • environmental protection.

Lastly, it is emphasized that it is Falcon Magazine’s responsibility to give a solid foundation to the values ​​and principles contained in the Code, taking responsibility, strengthening trust, cohesion and team spirit. All actions, operations and negotiations carried out must be inspired by the maximum correctness from the management point of view, the completeness and transparency of the information.


Among the principles already mentioned above, it should be remembered that Falcon Magazine wants to protect the environment in its small way. The group will endeavor to continuously improve the environmental performance of the quality of the systems, of the production processes by monitoring the legislative and regulatory requirements on the matter. For this reason, Falcon Magazine undertakes not to sell products that do not comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements, but to disseminate only those that meet the highest standards in terms of environmental performance and safety. It is also attentive to the environmental issue to such an extent that it wants to use innovative technical solutions that reduce the serious environmental impact to a minimum and guarantee safety at the highest levels.



Accounting transparency is based on the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness and reliability of the documentation of management events and related accounting records. Falcon Magazine will ensure that all operations and / or activities must be lawful, authorized, consistent, documented, verifiable, in accordance with the principle of traceability, according to the criteria of prudence and to protect the interests of Falcon Magazine:

  • the procedures must allow checks to be carried out on the operations, on the authorization processes and on the execution of the operations;
  • All members of Falcon Magazine who carry out transactions involving sums of money, goods or other economically evaluable utilities belonging to the group, must necessarily provide the necessary checks to allow the veracity of the aforementioned transactions. For each operation, adequate supporting documentation of the activity carried out is kept in the file, in order to allow the easy recording of the accounts, the identification of the different levels of responsibility as well as for the accurate and facilitated reconstruction of the operation. Each registration must reflect exactly what appears from the supporting documentation. Anyone who becomes aware of omissions, falsifications, alterations and the conduct of illegal acts is required to report the incident with certified demonstrations.

The Code of Ethics emphatically reaffirms Falcon Magazine’s great commitment to respecting human rights, not only for workers but also for customers. In Falcon Magazine, energy and respect apply! The operating team is in no way favorable or approves behavior that induces:

  • Child labor,
  • forced labor,
  • Trafficking in human beings
  • The exploitation of more vulnerable people,
  • Prejudices on migrants.


Furthermore, it strongly opposes any manifestation of force, violence and discrimination, especially in respect of women. In conclusion, Falcon Magazine adopts and promulgates a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, favoritism and any type of fraud, and it is essential that everyone is perfectly aware of it.

Finally, it is very important to underline that Falcon Magazine also wants its users and customers to make the related reports of offenses that have escaped the system. For this reason, Falcon Magazine has created a support and assistance section. The Falcon Magazine Code of Ethics was born, therefore, with the aim of protecting any subject, who must interact with the group both from within and from outside. The hope of Falcon Magazine is that the rules are respected to ensure that there is a long-lasting relationship of work and trust.