Silvia Paloka

“Don’t forget where you belong” A/I 2021

It is the 1990s, in Albania, a country in trouble at the time, having just emerged from dictatorship, when my parents decide to change their lives for the better and come to live in Italy, in search of a new freedom. Historically, this is also the moment when the desire was born to return to those saturated concepts that were to characterise a post-war society, a society in the midst of an economic and oil crisis: in which fashion was conceived for the young, taking into account the multiple subcultures.
In this collection, in fact, there is a fusion of Albanian tradition through traditional clothes that take up not only the shapes, but also the details in each garment, linking everything to a streetwear world, starting from the world of hip hop, taking up above all the concept of oversize and following the shapes of the garments.

Her interest in fashion started when she was a child, so she decided to pursue this path, improving year after year. She observes her surroundings very carefully and is always on the lookout for intellectual and cultural stimulation. I would describe his style as: youthful, streetwear, contemporary influenced by the world of art, music, film and culture…

City: Ancona

School: Marangoni