Falcon is a digital and interactive reality that personally involves the art scene, both Italian and global. It is a project that was born in Milan in 2018, and has since turned out to be a springboard for a great many creatives, from all fields and ages. It is a community that includes a large and enthusiastic audience, including insiders and outsiders.

Falcon Magazine


The search for new, authentic and brilliant talent is one of Falcon's main missions. The goal of this platform is to discover, collaborate with, and give voice to generations of young creatives from Italy, but not only. Falcon aims to be a community fueled by revolutionary voices and ideas.


Falcon intends to trigger relationships with magazines, brands, press offices, advertising agencies and those Universities or Academies that offer courses of study inherent to the world of art or fashion, with the aim of creating a network of contacts that will lead new talents to emerge in the creative scenario.


Where we are


It is in Milan that Falcon was born. Milan as a city symbolic of fashion, art and design, but also Milan as a multicultural, cosmopolitan city, able to combine history and tradition with modernity and innovation. Milan in every corner hides an opportunity, and Falcon is one of them.

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